Erasing Dry Erase Marks

Low Quality Dry Erase Markers can RUIN your Dry Erase Products

It's EASY to erase dry erase marks when  you use the High Quality Dry Erase Markers supplied by

Permanent Marker on your Dry Erase Board - Erasing Dry Erase Marks on TOP of the Permanent Marker

OH NO...did you or a child accidentally use a PERMANENT marker on your Dry Erase Board? Check out this HELPFUL video that will show you, "How to Easily Remove those Permanent Marker Marks.

Erasing Dry Erase marks on your dry erase board is easy when you know what to do.

  • #1 Only use high quality markers like the ones provide with every Dry Erase Product you buy. You can purchase more at this website or from our Amazon Store.
  • #2 If you do want to try other dry erase markers...make sure to test them on a corner before you begin using them. If they don't erase, don't blame the makers of the dry erase product.
  • #3 Even if you are a bit stubborn...and use a dry erase marker that you should NOT use...a little bit of elbow grease, soap and a damp rag will usually remove the stubborn marks left by a low quality dry erase marker.
  • #4 Realize that even some High Quality dry erase markers may not erase because they were created for their type of dry erase board and NOT for dry erase vinyl.

Erasing Dry Erase Marks from Your Dry Erase Board

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