How to Apply Dry Erase Vinyl Sheets

Applying your new Dry Erase Vinyl Sheets is fun and easy.

Dry Erase Vinyl Sheets are easy to apply, IF you follow these simple easy steps.

​Most importantly...make sure the wall is clean and free from any dust or dirt. If the wall has been painted recently, wait two or three weeks and allow the paint to fully cure before applying any decals to your wall. If you've used a damp rag to clean the wall, make sure you let it dry for at least 24 hours before applying your vinyl dry erase sheets...even if the wall feels like it is dry to the touch.

First, you'll need a few things to help you with the installation.

  1. A roll of Masking tape if you have a large dry erase sheet. However, Painter's Tape works even better.
  2. A plastic putty knife, a squeegee or a credit card.

Any of these items will work when smoothing out and applying your dry erase sheets.

When your product arrives, if the Postal Service does not take care when delivering your package...they might have caused damage to the packaging because they folded, crumbled or something similar. Do NOT've purchased a very HIGH QUALITY vinyl product. Allow it to lay it flat by putting some light books on top of your vinyl for about 24 hours. Be sure not to allow any heavy books to damage your vinyl and do not leave them on there for several days at a time.

If you see or have any wrinkles in your vinyl dry erase boards, it's OK...they will smooth out easily when you apply our vinyl to the wall.​

Let it acclimate to room temperatures and lay flat for at least 24 hours. This will make installing your vinyl much easier. 

IMPORTANT: If​ you do NOT let your dry erase board lay flat, you may ruin your vinyl.
Because it has been rolled up, it will try to roll and stick to itself when you unroll and try to apply it to the wall.

Watch the Video Instructions demonstrating how easy it is to re-position your vinyl dry erase board...if you've put your vinyl Dry Erase Board on crooked.

Be on the look out for more Wall Decal Videos like this Apply Vinyl Dry Erase Boards video tutorial.

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