How to Apply Wall Decal - Sample First

Applying your new Vinyl Wall Decal is fun and easy.

Every decal from Try Vinyl comes with a free sample decal. You can learn how to apply a wall decal with this sample before applying your actual wall decal.

The most important aspect of learning how to apply wall decals is to take your time and make sure you apply this wall decal on a CLEAN, smooth surface. Simply follow the wall decal instructions and you shouldn't have any problems.

This gives you the opportunity to test your wall and see how much time you will need...the more textured your wall, the more time you will need to take. 

​Applying wall decals are fun and a great way to decorate your home. They make great conversation starters and are easy to install and remove. The possibles are endless when it comes to the kind of wall decal you can apply to your walls.  

You can apply these vinyl wall decals to any smooth surface. Decorate a mirror, windows, automobiles and just about anything you can imagine.​ You can even have custom wall decals made to compliment your interior colors, your style or even the theme of a party. 

How to Apply Wall Decal End Results

Contact us today for a custom wall decal or maybe you want a custom auto decal. We have a ever growing large supply of​ high quality vinyl decals. Browse our site and see what you can find today.

These wall decals are more than just a piece of vinyl, it's ART and the more time you take to apply your wall decal, the better your end results will be.

Click here to download your Wall Decal Instructions PDF.​

Click on Image to enlarge instructions to full size.

How to Apply Wall Decals

Be on the look out for more Wall Decal Videos like this How to Apply a Wall Decal video tutorial.

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