How to Re-position Vinyl Dry Erase Boards

Applying your new Vinyl Dry Erase Board is fun and easy.

IF, you follow these simple easy steps, you shouldn't have any problems learning how to apply Vinyl Dry Erase Boards!

In this video...I'll show you how easy it is to re-position your vinyl dry erase board in the event you put it on the wall crooked.

It is IMPORTANT to Note: You can re-position these vinyl products, however, if you continue to pull them off the wall, eventually they will NOT continue stick to the wall. These vinyl dry erase boards are not designed to pull off and re-use in different locations or to be stored and used again later.

You'll need to get the help of an assistant, since the vinyl decal doesn't have any backing paper. An extra pair of hands will be helpful.

  • Carefully peel the vinyl away from the wall. Your high quality vinyl will not damage the paint on your walls.

After you've pulled the vinyl away from the careful NOT to pull too hard and stretch your vinyl.

  • Carefully stick two corners back to the wall, in the correct place...while your assistant keeps the other end slightly away and off the wall. 
  • Use your squeegee tool to smooth and press out any air bubbles. Start in the center and press your way to the outsides.

After you have the entire vinyl decal on the wall, use a soft rag to rub the vinyl and make sure it adheres to the wall securely.

It's that easy to re-position your vinyl dry erase board.

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