The Serenity Prayer Wall Decal

Serenity Prayer Wall Decal

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Had to Get ONE! 
As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to order one.  Simple to add color or decor to a room.  Easy to apply with clear instructions.  The customer service was unlike any I've ever experienced. It TRUE... "You do get what you pay for!"  I'm glad I paid for Quality! 

Thanks have a loyal customer with me.

Buck Alfero
June 18, 2017

Friends Love it... what I can say! 

My order came extremely fast, the service was great and I love my product!  

When my friends see it...they ask  where I got it and I'm proud to tell them to get one at

Burt Rich
May 23, 2017

Product Information

Serenity Prayer Gifts: The Serenity Prayer Wall Decal is a Gift of Superior Quality, Made in the USA.

Learn "How to Apply Wall Decals" and "How to Remove Wall Decals" with videos or PDF.

♦♦♦WHAT IS IT:  This Serenity Prayer gift is a durable vinyl Black 21.5” x 21” (55cm x 54cm) wall decal. Your Inspiring Wall Decal is made in the USA of premium high quality vinyl.

♦♦♦INSTALLATION:  What makes this decorative wall decal different? It is EASY to install and easy to remove on any smooth surface. This famous prayer has step-by-step PDF instructions that are included by email, and in the description below. When your product arrives, you receive simple instructions on how to install this inspiring wall decal for your home decor or office decor. In addition, see our free video tutorial at our TryVinyl website on how to easily and simply install, with confidence.

♦♦♦WHY US:  We believe our country is great with Made in American products by family owned businesses.

♦♦♦SAFE:  This Serenity Prayer gift is a non-toxic wall decal that is waterproof and easy to remove. It is super durable three mil thick. You will not have to worry about tearing this decorative wall decal that will motivate and inspire for years to come. This famous prayer is Shipped in a tube and NEVER folded! Your decal will look like it has been painted on the wall by a professional! This motivational wall decal is safe, lasting, and a purchase you can make with confidence.

♦♦♦CUSTOMER SERVICE:  If it’s the Serenity Prayer or any other wall decal we proudly stand behind our products 100% including service after the sale. We want you to buy with confidence and assurance that you are going to get what you see in this listing. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we have a no questions asked, no hassle, money back guarantee. Please visit

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Product Description

Proudly made in the United States of America.

This wall decal is comes in many colors and says:
"God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change the Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference"

Approximate Decal Size:
36” x 10”

(Please note that the pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not precisely represent actual decal size.)

Join the hot trend in home decor using vinyl wall decals, quotes, phrases or designs to decorate the walls in your home, office or any other place where you want to add a special and unique decorative touch.

Installation: Just follow these 5 simple steps or watch the "How to Apply Wall Decals" video tutorials,

➊ Find a smooth surface to place your decal.

➋ Simply clean the area where you want it. Using a damp cloth to remove dust and ensure the wall is clean and DRY.

➌ Allow the wall to dry completely and now it's time to apply. This will make sure you have the best stick for your wall decal.

➍ Peel off the backing and place it on the wall. Start from one edge, smooth out with either a credit card, drivers license, or anything with a hard edge to help press out your vinyl and prevent bubbles.

➎ Enjoy your beautiful new vinyl wall decal. These decals are removable and they will never damage your walls.

Make sure to check our Amazon store for more Vinyl Wall Decals at:

Legal Disclaimer:

Every WallDecalsAndArt Branded Decal is made in the USA and only Authorized Sellers can List these protected decals.

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Amazon Price

List Price: $58.95
Sale: $26.95 + FREE shipping
You Save: $32.00 (54%)

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TryVinyl Customer Reviews

By Monica Dillon on June 29, 2016


Really enjoying my new products. I've checked all over. Researched high and low and just can't seem to find quality.  After reading some of the reviews from your happy customers, I decided to try it out.  I am pleased and very glad I did! High quality, great service and I enjoy spending my money with people who have not forgotten how to take care of the CUSTOMERS after the sale.

By James Dodds on June 2, 2015


I have tried many different brands of this product and hands down this is the best quality I've experienced.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Lifetime Customer
By Henry Wroth - June 09, 2017

This is exactly what I needed and the customer service was exceptional.  They have won a customer for life!

By Hank Wills - July 04, 2016

I'm proud to be from the USA and proud to support a company who makes product in the USA with great quality!  Let's make America great again!

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